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The easy way to get the right aluminium gate and gate automation kit


If you’re new to automating gates or don’t do it regularly, getting the right gate kit and gate combination can take some time and homework.

Now, you have a much easier job because we’ve bundled our most popularly sized aluminium swing and sliding gates with the easy-to-program Life Automation range of gate automation kits.

We’ve teamed the perfect sliding gate kit with our aluminium sliding gate in its most popular colour and sizes. We’ve also selected the perfect ram motor kit, underground kit and articulated arm automation kit for you to choose your preference when automating our aluminium swing gates.

Best of all, each bundled kit price saves loads off the cost of buying the kit and gate separately.

As an added bonus, we’ve included the option to add a standard sized pedestrian gate at big savings and the Life garage door automation kit with more than £100 off. Again, if you buy these separately, you pay the full price for each.


So, your choices are simple. Click the options below for sliding or swing gates. Choose the gate size that meets your needs and the swing gate kit you want if you’re installing swing gates. Then you can add a garage door kit and or pedestrian gate or choose neither, it’s up to you.

Anthracite grey aluminium swing gates

Life Gate Automation

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Life Gate Automation Aluminium Sliding Gate Automation Product Bundle

Life Aluminium Sliding Gate Automation Bundle The Life aluminium sliding gate and automation kit pa..

£1,549.00 Ex VAT £1,858.80 Inc VAT

Life Gate Automation Aluminium Swing Gate Automation Product Bundle

Life Swing Aluminium Gate Automation Bundle The Life aluminium swing gate and automation kit pa..

£1,969.00 Ex VAT £2,362.80 Inc VAT