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Life Gate Automation Aluminium Sliding Gate Automation Product Bundle

Life Gate Automation Aluminium Sliding Gate Automation Product Bundle

Life Aluminium Sliding Gate Automation Bundle

The Life aluminium sliding gate and automation kit package contains the following:

Sliding aluminium flat top, fully boarded gates in anthracite grey.

The gates are up to 1.8m high and for driveway openings of up to 4m.

The bundle includes the Life Acer sliding gate automation kit and 4m of racking

Life ACER 230Vac gate motor kit for automated sliding gates weighing up to 400kg

The Kit Contains

  • 1 X SETUP AC4R DL sliding gate motor with built-in RG 1R DL control unit with a receiver integrated
  • 1 pair X VISIO external photocells
  • 2 X DREAM 2 button 433.92Mhz rolling code transmitter

Click here for more product information and to download product manual

You can also add a Life Probo PR60R garage door automation kit for just £115 which saves over £100 off list price.

You can also include an aluminium flat top, fully boarded pedestrian gate 1.8m high for openings of 1m for just £540.

How To Measure For Your Gate

Up to 1.8m high (dimension F) aluminium, full boarded, flat top sliding gate in anthracite grey.

Available for openings of up to 4m (dimension E).

Width of the gate = E = Width between pillars.

Height of the gate = F = Hinge stile height from the ground.

Height of pillars = G = Hinge style plus a minimum of 100mm.

PLEASE NOTE - You also need at least 5m of space for a 4m gate to slide into as it opens.


Option 1 - Add A Pedestrian Gate?

1.8m high aluminium, full boarded, flat top pedestrian swing gate in anthracite grey.

Available for openings of 1m (dimension C).

Width of the gate = C = Width between pillars

Height of the gate = B = Hinge stile height from the ground

Option 2 - Add A Garage Door Automation Kit?

Add the Life Probo PR60R garage door automation kit to your aluminium gate and Life automation kit bundle and save over £100 on the full price of the Probo kit.

Life PROBO PR60R kit for automating garage and sectional doors up to 7 square metres

Life automation gives you easy installation, high quality and safety.

The Probo PR60R kit contains the 24V Life PR60R garage door motor, the garage door automation track and two Life Dream transmitters.

This garage door automation system works with the following types of garage door:

Click here for more product information and to download product manual

What Type Of Garage Door Do You Have?

Horizontal track up and over solid garage doors

Solid doors that rise on horizontal rails inside the garage. These horizontal tracked doors have rollers at the top corners that run along the channel rails as they open. A counter balance spring is mounted on each side of the door.


Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are not solid like up and over tracked garage doors. Instead, they are made from a number of horizontal sections that are hinged where they meet. Rollers at their edges run along tracks on each side of the garage door. These start at  the edges of the garage door and run vertically, then curve into the garage and finish horizontally at the same height as the top of the garage door. A counter balance spring is installed on the top of the door frame. This lifts the door by cables mounted at the bottom corners.

Canopy Garage Doors or Vertically Tracked Doors

This style of garage door requires the use of the canopy door conversion arm which can be bought separately or as a specially priced bundled option here. These are solid doors with rollers nearer their base that run along a vertical track either side of the garage door opening. A counter balance spring is mounted to the top of the door frame.

Click here for the adapter arm

Door Dimensions

Once you have used the guide above to confirm your garage door type is suitable for automation, check your garage door dimensions. The PR60R opener is rated for doors of no more than 7 square metres area, and a height of 2.24 metres. Taller doors can be automated with a longer rail. Please contact us for more details if you have a very tall door. Email or call 03300 883 890

The motor has a traction force of 700N which is more than adequate for a standard garage door.

Any door to be automated must be in good working order. The door and tracks should be aligned so rollers run smoothly along them. A garage door automation system should never be installed on a garage door has become stiff or out of balance.


Garage Door Security

Please note that garages providing passage into the house can be a weak point in your home security. You are advised to fit security deadlocks on doors connecting the house to its garage. Garage doors and connecting doors should be connected to your house alarm by a qualified alarm fitter. The garage opener only provides powered operation of the door. It should not be considered as a locking device.

Sliding Gate Installation Key Facts

Power Supply

A minimum of a 6 Amp power supply is required at the gate.

Power should be supplied at the gate as per electrical regulations.

Track Installation

Sliding gate track requires a firm, level, flat surface to be bolted to.

Ideally, a solid concrete foundation should be laid.

This should:

·        Be approximately 2 x the length of the gate

·        Be approximately 300 mm wide

·        Be level

·        Not crack when track is bolted to it, the gate runs along the track or vehicles drive across it

The required depth of the track foundation and level of reinforcing depend on the ground below the foundation.

The position of the motor can be sited and cables for the motor and accessories can be run in the foundation while it is being laid.

Pillars Or Posts

Pillars or posts should have a minimum height as in the illustration showing how to measure your gates.

Gate Safety

It’s the responsibility of the gate installer to carry out a risk assessment and to ensure that provision for required safety equipment is installed.

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