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Aluminium Gates

Aluminium Gates

Aluminium Gates

What makes aluminium gates ideal for gate automation?

Gates made from aluminium are strong, but light and they don't rot like wooden gates or rust like iron gates. 
Extruded aluminium sections are used to make our gates. These are formed to look like wooden sections but they require practically no maintenance unlike wood.
Our aluminium gates are covered with a tough coating that gives our gates their colour or wood-look finish.

More and more people are discovering the benefits of aluminium gates over competitors like wood or iron. 
Aluminium is extruded in shapes that perfectly mimic wooden gate panels. It can also be formed to look like iron or steel gates. The surface coating is a strong guard against weathering but also allows the gates to be any colour specified from the RAL colour chart or any of our standard colours, wood-effect finishes or textured surface finishes. These finishes all meet the strict requirements of the Qualicoat quality standard for aluminium coatings. This means that we can provide our aluminium gates with a 10 year guarantee.

Because aluminium is so light, even large aluminium gates don't need gate motors that are strong enough to move heavy wooden or steel gates. This means that lighter gates and less powerful motors carry less momentum when moving, and are safer as a result.
Lighter gates also don't need heavy duty hinges, locks and gate stays.

When compared with comparably priced hardwood gates, that will need a lot of maintenance throughout their lifetime, aluminium gates are great value.
Wooden gates can also twist, crack, rot, split, open up their joints and discolour unlike aluminium gates.

To buy Aluminium gates or enquire about their benefits, call 03300 883 890 or email us with your Aluminium Gate enquiry

Please note that the illustrations of aluminium gates used on this page are from our Premium Range.

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